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French union says strike at refineries to continue until Jan. 16

France's CGT union said on Friday it would continue a strike over the government's planned pension reform at refineries and petrol depots until Jan. 16, extending by almost a week a four-day action that started on Jan. 7.

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Tri-State to close coal power plants in Colorado and New Mexico

老虎机技术打法Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association on Thursday said it will close its Escalante Station in New Mexico by end of 2020, and Craig Station and Colowyo Mine in northwest Colorado by 2030.

French unions battle Macron in make-or-break pension protest

老虎机技术打法President Emmanuel Macron stood his ground as trade unions on Thursday brought tens of thousands of demonstrators onto the streets in a make-or-break push to force him to abandon his planned pension reform.

French refinery strike loses traction as gas stations keep fuel flowing

A strike at French oil refineries hit shipments of oil products on Wednesday but did not disrupt traffic on the roads as oil companies and the government kept fuel flowing to gas stations.

French unions blockade refineries in bid to stop pension reform

老虎机技术打法French unions blockaded several oil refineries on Tuesday, aiming to cause shortages at petrol stations after a month-long public transport strike failed to force the government to withdraw its pension reform plans.

Factbox: Impact of French pensions strike on oil sector

老虎机技术打法French unions started a four-day strike and blockades at oil refineries on Tuesday in a bid to halt the flow of fuel to petrol stations after a month-long public transport strike failed to force the government to drop pension reform plans.

Exxon France says its Fos oil refinery blocked by striking union workers

老虎机技术打法Exxon France said on Tuesday that its Fos refinery was blocked by striking union workers but its Port Jerome refinery was operating normally.

Workers at France's Port Jerome and Fos oil refineries on strike: CGT union

Workers at France's Port Jerome and Fos refineries, which are run by Exxon , have decided to go on strike, the CGT union wrote on a union blog page on Tuesday.

Factbox: Impact of French pensions strike on oil sector

老虎机技术打法France's hardline CGT trade union has rejected pleas for a Christmas truce and has vowed to intensify a nationwide strike to try to force the government to drop its plan to reform the country's pensions system.

France's CGT oil workers could halt refinery production over pensions reform

老虎机技术打法France's CGT oil sector workers union plans to step up a nationwide strike but will leave the decision over whether to halt production at refineries for workers to decide early next week, a CGT union official said.

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The window is closing on the chance to avert a pension meltdown that will slash the retirement benefits of more than a million U.S. workers.

U.S. retirement legislation aims to improve workplace saving, income options

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